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Nestled along the picturesque coastline, Witsand Estuary is a natural wonder that captivates visitors with its idyllic setting where a winding river gently converges with the vast expanse of the ocean, revealing a harmonious fusion of serene beaches, rich biodiversity, and a serene ambiance that invites moments of peaceful contemplation and exploration.

Breede River Views – Waterfront, Self-Catering Holiday Home.

Welcome to Breede River Views, the ultimate holiday retreat nestled on the waters edge of the breathtaking Breede River. With its enviable location, this self-catering home offers uninterrupted views that will leave you in awe.

Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms, Breede River Views is perfect for couples, families, and fishing enthusiasts alike. The home features a well-equipped kitchen, ensuring you have everything you need to create delicious meals. After a day of exploring the surrounding nature, relax in the cozy living room next to the indoor wood burner or unwind in the outdoor braai area, taking in the serene atmosphere.

Nature lovers will be in paradise with the abundant birdlife and stunning landscapes that surround the property. The Breede River is a fishing haven, inviting you to cast your line and reel in your catch of the day. For beach enthusiasts, the nearby blue flag beach provides sun-kissed shores and fun for the whole family. 

In addition, Breede River Views offers amenities such as high-speed WiFi and convenient parking. Situated within the Breede River Lodge Gated Estate, you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.

Escape to Breede River Views and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of a cottage style holiday home.

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Experience Witsand A Garden Route Hidden Gem

Witsand Estuary, renowned for its pristine beaches, offers a haven for fishing enthusiasts, birdwatchers seeking rare avian species, kite surfers chasing thrilling winds, whale watchers hoping to glimpse majestic marine creatures, and nature lovers drawn to its diverse ecosystem.

Embark on an Angler’s Journey in the Bountiful Waters of the Breede River

The Breede River Estuary is a premier angling destination, offering world class fishing for a variety of species. These include Garrick, Spotted Grunter, and the majestic Dusky Kob. Numerous specimens of the latter are caught each season with several exceeding the magic 100 lb mark. For a Kob and Grunter destination there is no equal in South Africa. Reef and pelagic fish also abound in the bay outside the mouth, these include Yellowtail, Yellowfin, Skipjack Tuna, Benito, Silver Kob, Roman, Santa and Red Steenbras as well as many others.

The fishing season in the Breede River typically spans from September to May, offering anglers ample opportunities to explore its waters and engage in the excitement of fishing.

Tranquil Discoveries A Birdwatching Delight

The Breede River Valley offers a captivating setting for birdwatching enthusiasts. As you explore this scenic region, a remarkable diversity of avian species greets you at every turn.

Against the backdrop of the river’s tranquil waters and lush vegetation, you’ll encounter a vibrant array of birds, including majestic African Fish Eagles, elusive Malachite Kingfishers, and elegant Flamingos. The melodious songs fill the air as you spot graceful herons and egrets wading in the shallows, while colorful weavers display their intricate nests. Breede River in Witsand promises an unforgettable birdwatching experience, where nature’s wonders unfold in perfect harmony.

Unleash the Adventure, Epic Kite Surfing Destination

Kite surfing is an exhilarating water sport experience. Witsand With its ideal conditions, is a hidden jewel for kitsurfing.. It works great on an Easterly and can be very gusty on a South west. With the beautiful scenery, it attracts enthusiasts of all skill levels. The area offers a wide, shallow lagoon like conditions protected by a sandbar from the sea offer flat waters and a great place for beginners to learn and for experienced kit surfers to get airborne with ample opportunities for jumps and tricks for experienced riders.

The friendly community, kite surfing schools, and rental facilities make it accessible to everyone. When not on the water, visitors can explore the stunning beaches, watch migrating whales, or enjoy fishing. Enjoy a memorable adventure combining sport and nature in a welcoming atmosphere with Breede River Views. 

The Whale Nursery of South Africa

Witsand offers exceptional whale watching experiences. The Breede River Mouth and surrounding coastline of the St Sebastian Bay, serves as a prime spot for witnessing these majestic creatures from pristine beaches.

With responsible viewing practices in mind, visitors can observe the whales’ natural behaviors while respecting their space. Witsand’s breathtaking scenery, the presence of other marine wildlife, and the chance to connect with the region’s marine heritage make it an unforgettable destination for whale enthusiast.

From June to November, southern right whales migrate to the area, captivating visitors with their acrobatic displays.

Discover the Pristine Beauty of Witsand’s Blue Flag Beach

These pristine coastal gems offer a picturesque setting with their soft golden sands, biological diverse waters, and gentle ocean breezes. The Blue Flag designation signifies their exceptional water quality, environmental management, and safety standards.

Visitors to Witsand’s Blue Flag beach can relish in the idyllic surroundings, indulge in water activities, or simply unwind under the warm sun. With their unspoiled beauty and commitment to sustainability, these beaches provide an unforgettable seaside experience for the family. 

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddling Adventures

Witsand also offers a breathtaking setting for kayaking and stand-up paddling enthusiasts. With its pristine coastline and tranquil waters, it is a paradise for water sports lovers. Kayaking in Witsand allows you to explore hidden coves, navigate gentle waves, and witness the area’s rich marine life up close. Meanwhile, stand-up paddling provides a unique and serene experience as you glide across the calm waters, taking in the picturesque views of the surrounding nature. Whether you choose to kayak or paddle, Witsand promises an unforgettable adventure in a stunning coastal environment.

Available to rent from the on-site harbour at Breede River Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

Access & Parking

Breede River Views is located in the Breede River Lodge gated estate. Gate access will be provided prior to check-in. A single vehicle parking is assigned to the home.  

Dine & Drink

Spasie on Breede Restaurant and Bar is located in the gated estate and a 5min walk from Breede River Views. 


Guests are required to walk down steps to reach Breede River Views. On request we can arrange assistance with luggage. 

Grocery Shops

Both The Sands At Witsand & Nella Se Winkel are 5min drive from Breede River Views. 

Where Can I Launch My Boat

There are two public launch sites, the Kraaltjie and the Government Jetty launch site, as well as a private harbour in the complex. For launching and mooring in the complex at the Breede River Lodge please WhatsApp +27 (0)67 228 1310 or email [email protected] 

Must I Have A Permit To Fish

You must have a permit to fish and these can be obtained from The Sands shopping complex or the local Conservation offices or online via SnapScan https://breede-river.org/day-permits/, and if you have a boat, the license is obtained from the same places.

Where Can I Hire Kayak Or Sup Boards

These can be hired from the onsite harbour at Breede River Lodge, WhatsApp +27 (0)67 228 1310 or email [email protected]

Local Charter Operators

Readily available or you can just do it yourself. Several safe launching facilities are on hand as well as a small craft harbour on site.